Thoughts and views on language learning

I have just started an online course, funded jointly by the University Of Southampton and the British Council, entitled “Understanding Language”. I am collecting here a series of soundbites as I progress through the various modules of the course, for no other reason than to preserve a record and then no doubt, to change my mind about the topic next week.

world languages

It was only at the age of 17, studying A Level French, that I discovered that there was more to literature than just a good story, a few dastardly characters and perhaps an authentic, historical setting. In short, studying foreign literature and culture as a compliment to language learning was the key to a whole new universe. Learning and using more than one language continues to enrich this experience.

Word Banks: Keeping track of vocabulary

This is great. An excellent way to increase your vocabulary is to build connections, using as a starting point, the words that are most relevant to you . We all have different interests and therefore different needs when it comes to vocabulary. This tool is easy to use and a super point of reference. Thank you teknologic for sharing.

Word Banks: Keeping track of vocabulary.




BBC News – How can you be British without speaking English?

This story has a familiar ring to it but from a different perspective. How many of us Brits living in Italy are there who make little attempt to learn Italian because we “don’t have to”  or “don’t need to” ?

Did you feel a sense of outrage that immigrants could be so dismissive of our culture ? Read this article again, substituting “British or English” for “Romanian” and “Italy or Italian” for “UK or English” and this will probably produce a pang of guilt among some of you.

So what are you going to do about it ?

BBC News – How can you be British without speaking English?.

via BBC News – How can you be British without speaking English?.