Gobbledygook Recruitment Ads

Here’s a gem from LinkedIn who are rapidly becoming market leaders in the field of meaningless drivel, Learning English is hard enough without this dross.  The job is for a Sales Clerk in an office…


We’ve transformed ourselves in the last year with our exceptional and passionate global team of employees. We hire talented, motivated, interesting, people who think global and then we empower them to create outstanding results. We are looking for a candidate for the title of Associate Customer Success Manager for our growing team in Italy.

The right candidate will be responsible for maintaining and improving installed base customer relationships as a means to fostering customer satisfaction and creating new business opportunities in partnership with the larger $%£&?!!! team. This candidate will also play a critical role in the delivery of world-class client support. The Associate will be working closely with Senior Customer Success Manager(s) and also with other Customer Success Support members to help regional sales teams with operational and technical support. The CSS Associate will also be responsible for responding to technical and non-technical customer queries in their Italian and English. The success of the candidate will be measured in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiencies created within the regional sales team they support.

In bocca al lupo to all who can be bothered with this.Image

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