Who are they kidding ?

And this from the makers of Windows Vista:

BBC – Future – Technology – Can schools survive in the age of the web?.

The sensible part of the article is hidden deep inside the text:

“All of which is certainly a recipe for reform. When it comes to what is actually being unbundled, though, there’s something paradoxically conservative about most MOOCs: recorded lectures, online tests, digital documents, and blue chip institutional endorsements. As the author and technology theorist Ian Bogost argued earlier this year, “if the lecture was such a bad format in the industrial age, why does it suddenly get celebrated once digitized and streamed into a web browser in the information age?”

And the answer to this rhetorical question is: so the poor dumb asses think because they can access and then save the information they are “learning”.

Dumbing down, lads, dumbing down.

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